Yoga Motion 3-Pack - Kids Yoga DVD

Your little yogi will enjoy 30 chapters of classic yoga, yoga adventures, and yoga activities with this 3-disc DVD set. We've combined our award-winning Yoga Motion and Once Upon a Mat DVDs, with our new Sport Yoga DVD.

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Kids Yoga - Yoga Motion 3-pack


  • Over 2 hours of yoga
  • Mix-and-match routines
  • Our distraction-free set
  • More responsive menus

Sport Yoga - Kids Yoga DVD

Our Sport Yoga DVD combines child-friendly yoga poses with active movement, engaging your child in yoga set to their favorite sports. Activities include baseball, basketball, soccer, surfing, dancing, cycling, and more!

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Kids Yoga - Bicycle Pose

Once Upon a Mat - Kids Yoga DVD

9 Easy-to-learn Yoga Adventures

Each chapter brings your little yogi on an exciting yoga adventure. Your child is part of the story, as they become a lion in Africa, a polar bear in the Arctic, a rocket ship in Outer Space, and more!

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Lion Pose
Parent Teacher Parent Approved Seal Parent's Choice Silver Award

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Explore Yoga Poses

Our yoga pose library is filled with pictures and step-by-step instructions for child-friendly poses. Check back — we'll add a new pose every week.

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Find Yoga Classes

The kids yoga class locator will help you find kids yoga classes at a location near you. Included are yoga studios, kids yoga studios, and mobile yoga providers.

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Share Your Photos

We love seeing little yogis in action! Connect with us on Facebook to share a picture
of your child in their favorite yoga pose.

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What is Yoga?

The purpose of yoga poses is to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. When yoga poses are paired with yoga breathing techniques, yoga students learn to use the full capacity of their lungs and how to use breathing to relieve stress and tension. There are also spiritual aspects of yoga. However, many Western countries choose to focus their yoga practice on yoga exercises and breathing and not on yoga's spiritual benefits.

Yoga Classes for Kids

Yoga for kids is a growing trend. Hospitals, daycares, and schools are all incorporating yoga classes and yoga poses into their programs for kids. There are countless benefits of yoga for kids, both for their physical and mental well being.

Kids Yoga DVDs

Namaste Kid offers two kids' yoga videos. They focus on child-friendly yoga poses, relaxation, and healthy activities for kids. Our kids' yoga DVDs are a great source of indoor active play for preschoolers and young children.

Kids Yoga Mats

Yoga mats for kids are an important part of creating a yoga ritual. Kids learn to create their yoga space, it defines where kids should practice yoga. Yoga poses for kids are designed for child-sized yoga mat, helping kids balance during their practice.

Yoga Poses for Children

Kids yoga poses are often the same as yoga poses for adults. The biggest difference is that child-friendly yoga poses have names that kids think are fun. Children may asked to make sounds to enhance yoga breathing. Children's yoga is a lot of fun and kids will look forward to the exercises for kids and active play.

Preschool Yoga

Toddler yoga classes and yoga for preschoolers are gaining in popularity. People are never to young (or too old!) to learn yoga. Yoga for kids is a great way to help kids self-calm, learn balance, increase strength and flexibility, and have fun. Yoga games for kids are a fun way to incorporate yoga in preschool activities. Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers also teaches valuable relaxation techniques for children.

Special Needs Yoga

Yoga offers children with ADD/ADHD and children with autism tools to improve their ability to self-calm, focus, and build social skills. Yoga for children with special needs is fun and interactive, and promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. The distraction-free set Namaste Kid videos use helps children with special needs focus on yoga.

Indoor Active Play

Active play is an integral aspect of childhood development. Play allows children to use their imaginations while developing physical and emotional strength. Play builds active, healthy bodies. Play allows children to explore the world around them. And, most of all, play is fun!