Kids Yoga Classes Michigan

Children's yoga classes are available in Michigan in the following locations:

Sweet Pea Yoga - Detroit, MI

Kaitlin Koch has been working with kids in the Detroit area for the last 3 years, and loves to assist in bringing exploration to children's lives. She is the owner and teacher of Sweet Pea Yoga, which is a mobile kid's Yoga provider for schools, clubs, families and events in the Metro-Detroit area. She believes that Yoga should be available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or access. Kaitlin is certified RYT, and also regularly teaches adult classes.

Darcey Ward
P: 313.695.7746

Eco-friendly Kids Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly kids yoga mat

Our kids yoga mat is perfectly sized for young children, to help them explore yoga poses with confidence.

It's studio quality and earth-friendly.

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