Kids Yoga Classes Minnesota

Children's yoga classes are available in Minnesota in the following locations:

Learning Tree Yoga - Minneapolis, MN

Through the highest quality teaching of age-appropriate yoga, Learning Tree Yoga provides unique and engaging classes that develop student's mental, physical and emotional wellness. Our goal is to create safe, fun and respectful activities where all children can build confidence and let their inner light shine.

Our engaging and educational curriculum has roots in YogaKids, YogaCalm, InnerKids, and the MindUp mindfulness program, and we incorporate educational topics from literacy development and mathematics to nutrition and health education. Our safe and respectful environment allows all children to have the freedom to find success and enjoyment in a non-competitive physical activity. In addition, a strong foundation built on years in the classroom allows us to be confident that we are growing smart, healthy kids through yoga.

Jessie Forston
P: 612.916.9369

Blooma - Edina and St. Paul, MN

Through yoga classes, wellness services, childbirth education and a supportive community, Blooma nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of moms-to-be and new mamas and their families. Kids Yoga classes: Family Yoga, Tots Yoga, Tweens Yoga, Yoga for Preschoolers


Eco-friendly Kids Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly kids yoga mat

Our kids yoga mat is perfectly sized for young children, to help them explore yoga poses with confidence.

It's studio quality and earth-friendly.

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