Kids Yoga Classes Oregon

Children's yoga classes are available in Oregon in the following locations:

Yoga Playgrounds - Portland, OR

Yoga Playgrounds is a mobile yoga studio dedicated exclusively to kids in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Classes are offered at many different locations including schools, day care centers and branches of the Multnomah County Library.

Leslie Wilda
P: 541.778.4541

Imagination Yoga - Portland, OR

Imagination Yoga is a Portland based, family owned business and our mission is to Inspire Kids to Move. Our program is geared toward children ages 2-12 and utilizes an adventure story or theme to engage children and spark their imaginations while they stretch and move their bodies.

All Imagination Yoga poses have been designed with the interests and abilities of young children in mind. The poses help develop strength, balance and concentration through movement and imagination. The focus is not on doing the pose correctly, but on encouraging movement, creativity and fun.

Some of the adventure themes the kids love are: Imagine Yoga in the Jungle, With the Dinosaurs, In the Castle, As a Butterfly, In a Winter Wonderland, In the Flower Garden, In the Ocean, In the Springtime. There are many others as well… we make sure there is something to spark every child's Imagination!


Eco-friendly Kids Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly kids yoga mat

Our kids yoga mat is perfectly sized for young children, to help them explore yoga poses with confidence.

It's studio quality and earth-friendly.

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