It's like having a personal yoga instructor in your living room!

Kids love one-on-one attention, and Namaste Kid DVDs are happy to offer children a personal yoga instructor. Our kids yoga videos simply feature an instructor and her mat. The instructor looks into the camera, giving children the impression that the instructor is speaking directly to them.

Our unique menu system allows little yogis to create their routine. Whether they are looking for a quick workout or a long yoga session, children are able to mix-and-match mini routines to create the experience they are in the mood for. Our signature, distraction-free background allows children to focus on yoga.

Namaste Kid DVDs are designed for children to grow into. The pose instructions are paced to give the average 2.5 year old enough time to hear the instruction and get into the pose. As children grow older and become more familiar with the routines, they can respond to the pose instruction faster and will have more time to hold the poses.

The instructors on our DVDs are not professional actresses. They are real child yoga instructors who are passionate about kids and yoga. Our DVDs offer a unique opportunity for you to bring a personal yoga instructor into your home — who is having fun with yoga and encouraging your child to do the same.

Eco-friendly Kids Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly kids yoga mat

Our kids yoga mat is perfectly sized for young children, to help them explore yoga poses with confidence.

It's studio quality and earth-friendly.

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Indoor Active Play

Namaste Kid yoga DVDs for kids provide mess-free indoor active play for kids. Keep kid's bodies moving, while they exercise their bodies and expand their imaginations.

Yoga for Kids with Special Needs

Namaste Kid DVDs feature a distraction-free background. This format works well with with: children who have sensory processing disorders, and may be stressed out by visual overload; children with Autism who may tend to focus on details that are not relevant; and children with ADHD who can't focus on any single detail when their are too many surrounding details.

Affirmations for Kids

Yoga is the perfect time for children to incorporate affirmations into their day. As they move their bodies and repeat affirmations, children take ownership of what they are saying. During meditations, children are more open to the messages they are told.

Yoga for Teachers

More and more teachers are looking for ways to bring yoga into their classrooms. Namaste Kid yoga for kids DVDs provide teachers with 3-5 minute yoga routines that can easily be worked into their school day. Preschool yoga is an excellent way for teachers to help students focus their energy to start the day or to settle in after active play time.