6 Fun Parachute Games

Kids love playing with parachutes! Like so many yoga activities, they encourage teamwork and cooperation, and build strength and coordination. Photo by: Theoga Here are 6 parachute games you can play with children: Popcorn: Introduce a parachute with this easy game! Have children stand around the...

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4 St. Patricks Day Books for Kids Yoga Classes

Children aren't the only ones who love yoga - invite little leprechauns to join in the yoga fun! Bring the Luck of the Irish to your studio or classroom with these St. Patrick's Day books: How to Catch a Leprechaun Don't let that leprechaun get...

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2017 Kids’ Yoga Day

Joining children from all around the globe, Namaste Kid will bring the yoga love with a group of 19 kids in the 3rd grade at New City School in Minneapolis, MN. We'll be celebrating Kids Yoga Day 2017 with a set of yoga activities that matches the...

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