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A Day and Night in the Desert

Caroline Arnold

Learn all about the animals and plants that live in the Sonoran Desert!

Spend 24 hours in the desert and follow along with kids yoga poses, as children look, listen, and learn all about the various wildlife, and how they survive, in these extreme living conditions.

Rise and shine in the Sonoran desert!

Lift your arms up, and spread your fingers wide, as you grow into a prickly saguaro cactus.

Bring the tips of your thumb and pointer finger to touch, as the woodpecker drills holes in the cactus.

Lower your arms, and let your head rest on your mat in front of you.

Link your hands together behind your back, and grow your jackrabbit ears!

Release your arms by lowering them to your tail, then place your hands on your mat up by your head. Press your body up into a cactus, with your opposite leg up front.

Stretch your long lizard tail out behind you, and look up at the morning sun.

Switch sides, as the Gila monster comes out of its burrow. This long tail is storing enough fat to keep you alive for a year!

Keep your feet on your mat, and pedal your knees as you chase after the small lizard.

You got it!

Now pedal your knees a little more, to bring this tasty treat to your babies.

Tuck into your tough tortoise shell, and reach your neck out to eat some plant leaves.

Send your fluffy squirrel tail up to the sky! If you want an extra stretch, allow your knee to bend, bringing your foot closer to your head.

Remember to do both sides!

Lower down to your mat, and give some grunts to your friends, and you search for roots in the sand.

Come out from under a rock, and get ready to hunt. Hold very still – can you feel the ground vibrate like the rattlesnake can?

Hiss, as you lift your upper body off the ground, and look up to see the owl fly by.

Gently rock your cactus flower side-to-side, as a bat comes by to drink some nectar.

Look around the desert, and search for food with the rest of the desert animals.

Reach up high, and twinkle fingers down, as the sun’s rays begin to stretch across the desert sand, and a new day begins.

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