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A Flower In The Snow

Tracey Corderoy

A Flower in the Snow is a heartwarming picture book about two best friends – perfect for winter and friendship themed activities!

Fingers dance through the snowflakes, and a happy smile sparkles like the snow.

Roll a giant snowball!

Luna lives in an igloo, and Bear lives in a snow cave – tuck inside to keep warm!

Smile! Luna has a beautiful sunshine flower.

Bear sets sail to find another sunshine flower.

Bend to one side to gaze at the moon, then to the other side to peep through the little window.

Far away, Bear searched everywhere for his gift for Luna.

Feel the cold and light snowflake kiss Bear’s nose.

Gently rock knees back and forth, as the waves toss Bear’s boat.

Twinkle fingers to plant the flower seeds and sprinkle water to help the flowers grow.

Butterflies and bees dance in the garden – with two best friends!

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