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A Thankful Walk

Fall is an especially fun season with so many unique qualities. This themed yoga activity gives children a chance to focus on what we all have – a beautiful world to love and enjoy.

At the end of A Thankful Walk, allow children to stop and reflect on their favorite parts of fall, then give them a chance to share their feelings with the group.

This adventure is a wonderful addition to any unit on Thanksgiving, or simply as a way to enjoy the changing seasons.

Let’s go on a nature walk, to enjoy the wonders of fall.

We are thankful for all of nature, and the gifts it shares with us.

Smile and watch the birds, as they fly south for the winter – remember to do both sides!

Can you think of any birds that fly south in the fall? Can you think of any birds that you see all year?

Strong trees with changing leaves that reach up towards the sky.

We are thankful for the beautiful colors and the food the trees provide.

Can you think of any fall food the trees provide to animals and people?

As the days grow shorter and cooler, we look up towards the sun.

We are happy to have a chance to play outside during the fall!

What games do you like to play outside?

Twinkle fingers down, as we enjoy watching the colorful leaves dance and blow, as they slowly fall to the ground.

What do you like to do with fallen leaves?

Pumpkin patches are filled with bright orange pumpkins growing on vines.

Pick your favorite pumpkin – are you going to carve it or bake it into a pie?

Who knows the best way to move a pumpkin? We’re going to roll ours!

We are thankful for the crisp fall breeze that blows the leaves around.

It helps create the wonderful world we see this time of year!

Big breath in, then blow it out.

Take a minute to think about your favorite part of fall. Bring this happy though into your heart.

If you would like to share your smile with the group, it would be wonderful to hear what you are thankful for!

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