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African Safari

Take kids on an African Safari with animal-themed yoga poses!

To incorporate more active movement, have children crabwalk as they drive around in their Jeeps. Cue the children when you would like them to return to their mats as they discover a new animal, or allow them to stop where they are and get into the poses.

If you are in a limited space, or decrease the active movement, simply have children stay on their mats and hold Table Pose for their Jeep ride.

Use this with any of our African-themed Teaching Tools!

Open the story by describing what a safari is:

– An adventure to drive around and look for African animals

– The adventure will take place in a Jeep – a special car that people drive when they are on a safari

Get in your Jeep – our adventure begins!

Look, an animal!

Get out your binoculars and look around.

It’s a giraffe – two of them! They are munching on leaves at the top of a tree. Remember to do both sides.

Time to drive around some more.

It’s another animal!

Time to get out your binoculars.

What a beautiful bird! This is a special beautiful bird called a crane.

It has a long neck, and long wings. Remember to do both sides!

Here we go!

Up ahead – something is moving in the grass!

Whoa, it’s a snake!

Remember to hiss in this pose to encourage breathing.

Back to the Jeep!

What could be making that loud growling?

It’s a lion!

That lion looks hungry – quick, back in the Jeep!

Wow, look up ahead!

It’s the African elephant – the largest land animal on Earth.

Clasp hands together to make the elephant’s long trunk, then slowly swing it side to side.

What an amazing African adventure.

Take a minute think about which animal was your favorite.

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