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Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing

Judi Barrett

Get silly with animal yoga poses and all the hilarious reasons that animals should not wear clothing!

Grow some porcupine prickles – remember to do both sides!

Wear two hats on your camel humps!

Oh no – snake lost its pants!

Mouse tucks into a hat – don’t get lost!

Sheep is getting hot – take a big breath and let it out.

Tip back-and-forth as pig gets very messy eating his food.

Hen laid an egg!

Do kangaroos need extra pockets?

How many ties do you think a giraffe should wear?

Remember to do both sides.

Goat kicks up and eats some pants!

Walrus is always wet.

Moose’s antlers hold up suspenders – remember to do both sides!

Opossums might wear clothing upside down.

Elephants might wear what you wear!

Clasp your hands together, and slowly sway your elephant trunk side-to-side.

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