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Balloon Breath


Balloon Breath is an simple breathing exercise, and calming yoga pose for kids.

The benefits of yoga for children, and yoga in schools, can easily be found in this effective technique. Belly breathing helps children to manage big feelings, and it helps students to focus when they need to get oxygen flowing through their bodies.

For more ways to teach yoga in schools, including breathing exercises that easily work in a classroom setting, read Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids!


Calms the mind; relieves stress, headaches, and fatigue.

Step 1

Sit on your chair, yoga mat, or the floor. If you are able to, cross your legs.

Step 2

Place your hands on your belly, with your finger tips forming a circle.

Step 3

As you breathe in, try to make your belly bigger, like a balloon is blowing up.

Step 4

When you breathe out, let your belly get smaller.

Step 5

Repeat and relax.

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