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Bees Make Honey

This yoga activity brings kids from flower to hive, as they become a bee and make honey!

Filled with fun facts about bees and the honey making process, kids will learn all about our pollinator friends and how we get delicious honey in our homes.

Easy to add into any unit on spring, insects, or teaching children about the importance of protecting our bee population!

Honeybees start by collecting nectar from flowers.

Gently bounce your honeybee wings and buzz – let’s go find a flower!

There’s a perfect flower up ahead – let’s find a place to land.

Bees love violet colored flowers!

What color flower are you?

Stretch forward, and take nectar out of the flower with your long tongue. Then place it in your extra stomach!

Remember to do both sides.

Fly your nectar back to the hive. BUZZ!

Create a storage cell of the honeycomb – then lift as place the honey inside of it.

Fan the honeycomb with your honeybee wings to help the honey dry in the honeycomb.

Tip back-and-forth to seal the honeycomb. This seal will become beeswax.

Did you know honey can stay good forever when it is safe in the honeycomb?

That honey sure is delicious!

What is your favorite way to enjoy honey?

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