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Birthday Cake

Turn your classroom or yoga studio into a bakery! This birthday activity uses yoga poses as the ingredients as kids bake, and eat, a birthday cake.

The best part is, this cake is ready to “eat” in about 5 minutes, making it easy to add this special treat into any class time.

Kids will have a ton of fun making a yoga birthday cake for the birthday child!

Come to the table, it’s time to make a birthday cake!

Reach forward to get the flour, then switch sides to get the sugar.

Stretch up and over to get the eggs.

Now switch sides to get some butter!

Tip side-to-side to stir everything together.

Open the over door…

…then close it, and wait while the cake bakes.

Take a deep breath – that sure smells good!

Reach hands up high to get some frosting.

Walk your fingers down your legs, as you spread the frosting all over your cake – try to get to the very edge!

Put candles on the cake, wiggle toes for flames, and sing “Happy Birthday”!

Have the birthday child stand in the middle. When the song is over, they can blow out the candle by blowing on wiggling toes or giving them a gentle tap.

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