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Birthday Zoo

Deborah Lee Rose

Birthday Zoo is a great book to practice yoga to and wish the birthday child a wonderful day!

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You can also find this book in our Birthday Celebration Lesson Plan.

The seal notices it’s a special day!

Stretch out pheasants long tail – remember to do both sides!

The okapi bends down to give a birthday kiss!

The raccoon takes a deep breath to blow up a balloon!

The bats gently flap their wings, as they fly with party hats on their heads!

The giraffe starts to laugh – remember to do both sides!

Have a seat -the bears create a game of musical chairs!

The swifts gently flap their wings and help to open gifts – remember to do both sides!

The moose has tall antlers, and is worried about the candles – remember to do both sides!

Make a wish!

Happy Birthday to you!

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