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Blast Off

Blast Off is a calming yoga activity, with an outer space theme.

The adventure in begins with yoga poses to help children to move their bodies and release energy. As children approach the end of their journey, the movements will guide them to a calmer and more focused state of mind.

Excellent for use in a classroom, when kids need help settling in after recess. Also a perfect for a final sequence in a kids yoga class.

Take out your telescope and look up at the beautiful night sky.

Take your space ship out for a ride. 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

Wow, there are so many stars up in space.

Shooting stars are everywhere – tip to both sides as the stars shoot all around you.

KERPLUNK – your spaceship landed on the moon!

Time to get out and explore in a moon rover.

Drive (crab walk) all around the moon, and try not to crash into the other rovers.

Look out – it’s a meteor shower!

Roll back through space.

A friendly little alien landed with the meteors.

Time to go home – blast off slowly – this blast off requires much less energy than taking off from Earth.

Slowly stretch, as you fly past the moon – remember to do both sides.

Slowly drive through space, heading towards home.

Have rockets make a quiet rocket sound, as they fly from your shoulder and stretch across the sky.

Remember to do both sides.

Come to sitting on your mat, as you land on Earth.

Twinkle fingers down, and look at the twinkling stars all around.

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