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Build a Rainbow

Take children on a yoga walk to find all the colors of the rainbow in nature.

Once all of the colors have been collected, mix them together, and form your own yoga rainbow!

Let’s start our nature walk, and collect all the colors of the rainbow!

Bright red cherries dot the tops of trees – reach up high and pick some! Remember to do both sides.

Happy orange monarchs flutter by Рhold this pose, or see if you can gently flap your bright orange wings.

The bright yellow sun shines up above.

Reach up, and feel the warmth on your face.

Feel the soft green grass under your feet.

Sweep your arms down and wiggle your toes.

The bright blue sky stretches all around us – reach out and try to touch it.

Remember to do both sides.

Indigo blueberries grow on bushes – let’s pick some of these tasty treats!

Beautiful violet flowers fill this happy garden – look around at all your friends that help this garden grow!

We’ve collected all the colors!

Tip side-to-side to stir them together to make…

…a beautiful rainbow!

It’s ok if children can’t do this pose – what’s important is that they have fun trying!

Here’s another way to form a rainbow that children may find easier to practice!

Pick your favorite color of the rainbow, and spend some time gently rocking back and forth in it.

Reach high above your head, then twinkle fingers down to surround yourself with your favorite color.

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