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Busy Bugs

There are so many fun ways to turn bodies into bugs! In this yoga game, little yogis explore all kinds of 6 and 8 legged creatures with yoga poses.

The bugs in this game can easily be kept within the space of a yoga mat, or many of the bugs can move around while in the pose for additional large muscle movement.

Busy Bugs is a very popular yoga game with kids preschool through 3rd grade!

Gently bounce your bee wings as you fly from flower to flower.

Make sure to “BUZZ” in this pose!

Now come to your spider feet, and carefully balance on your spider web!

Sit back on your mat, and grab your toes.

Straighten your legs to grow your butterfly wings!

Can you gently flap your wings?

Grasshopper legs are great for jumping!

Put your weight onto your hands, and jump your back leg forward and your front leg backward. How many grasshopper jumps can you take?

Lay on your mat, then stretch your dragonfly arms out to the side.

Stretch your body into a long caterpillar – can you walk around like a caterpillar?

Return to your mat, and lay on your back. Relax, and rock back-and-forth.

You’re a roly poly bug!

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