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Butterfly Lifecycle

This yoga activity explores how a butterfly grows from an egg into a beautiful butterfly!

Use child-friendly yoga poses to create the lifecycle of a butterfly! Children learn fun facts about where butterflies like to live, lay their eggs, and how they come full circle into a new butterfly.

Easy to add into any unit on spring, insect, or the importance of protecting our monarch population!

Let’s start as a butterfly – quietly flying around, looking for the perfect place to lay an egg.

Butterflies lay eggs in all kinds of places! The bark of trees, grass, and milkweed plants, just to name a few.

This butterfly found a great place on a flower!

Curl up small inside the egg, and practice your patience.

When you are ready…

…stretch and grow from your egg as a happy caterpillar!

Curl your caterpillar toes under and lower your head – it’s time to munch on some leaves!

Now that our caterpillars have grown, the are getting ready to turn into butterflies!

Climb a tree and find a nice branch – remember to do both sides.

Wrap a silky chrysalis around your body – this is where you will turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly!

Tuck yourself safely into the chrysalis.

When you are ready, hold onto your feet…

…and emerge as a beautiful butterfly!

See if you can gently flap your wings as you fly away.

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