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Butterfly Pose


Butterfly Pose is a fun and playful yoga pose that kids of all ages enjoy! For bug or space themed yoga activities, you can turn this butterfly into a bumblebee or an alien!

Use Butterfly Pose to help regulate breathing, by having kids focus on Belly Breathing as they wiggle their antennae and gently flap their wings. Children will feel calmer, as they relieve stress and fatigue during this pose.

Step 1

Begin by sitting in Salutation Seal.

Step 2

Bring the bottoms of your feet to touch, and your fingers up to your head.

Step 3

Gently bounce your knees to flap your butterfly wings, and move your fingers to wiggle your butterfly antennae.

Step 4

Slowly lower your hands to your lap.


This pose also makes a cute bee or alien!

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