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By the Light of the Halloween Moon

Caroline Stutson

A little girl’s toe taps out a tune, as all sorts of Halloween characters come out from under a bridge.

The repetition and rhythm of this book make it engaging for children to follow along, as they become Halloween characters with themed yoga poses!

See if you can use your toes to tap out a tune, by the light of the silvery Halloween moon.

Round your back, to turn into the black cat.

Then look up to see the tapping toe!

Put your witch’s hat on, then twinkle fingers down, through your streaming hair!

Open your big bat eyes, and slowly flap your bat wings!

It’s time for all ghouls to put on their backpack full of bones!

Swirl your arms as they williwaw ghost floats around!

It’s ok to keep kids seated for this pose.

Spread your sprite wings, then slowly fly up to bite the ghost!

A smiling girl sits on the edge of the dock!

See if you can hold this pose as you tap your toes as we list the characters that came to bite your toe.

Twinkle the silvery light of the Halloween moon all around.

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