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Calming Glitter Jars

Mindfulness glitter jars are a beautiful calming project for children to take home! Connect this craft with social and emotional learning activities, by reminding children that just like the glitter, sometimes our feelings can be shaken up. And just like the glitter, as we sit and breathe, everything settles down again soon.

This craft is easy to pair with any class theme, and can be made with supplies that are readily available.

An easy option for the glitter jars is to have students bring in their own container. This can be any jar, or even a plastic water bottle, with the label peeled off!

Below is our favorite recipe for the contents of your glitter jar craft! It allows the glitter to swirl in a beautiful pattern. We find it takes just over a minute for the glitter to settle, which is a wonderful amount of time for children to breathe and relax. They are always welcome to shake their jar and watch again, if they would like to enjoy the calming effects again.

These are loved by children of all ages!

If you would like to connect your glitter jar to a theme, find little plastic toys, and allow each child to add one to their jar. Above, we have an underwater theme jar and a mythical animals jar.

We love this recipe, because it uses Softsoap hand soap. This brand is readily on hand at many daycares and schools, and can be purchased in large quantities for a low price at Costco.

What you need:

  • Softsoap brand hand soap
  • Warm water
  • Glitter
  • Bottle or jar
  • Small plastic toy (optional)

Directions for glitter jars:

  • In a container that an adult can pour from, whisk together a mixture that is 50% warm water, and 50% Softsoap.
  • If children will be adding a small toy to their glitter jar, have them put it in now.
  • Fill each child’s container close to the top.
  • Add the glitter to the warm water mixture. Generally, plan to add 1-3 teaspoons of glitter to each jar. You can use a little funnel if the containers have small openings. The amount of glitter used will depend on the size of the container.
  • Secure the lid in place, and have the children shake their glitter jars to fully incorporate the glitter.
  • Remove the lids, so the water can cool to room temperature.
  • Using glue or a glue gun, line the rim of the container, and tightly secure the lid into place.
  • Enjoy!

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