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Chelsea’s Chinese New Year

Lisa Bullard

Have fun exploring this new holiday with yoga poses!

Little yogis will learn all about Chinese New Year traditions, foods, and ways to celebrate this festive event.

To continue the celebration, this book is a part of our Chinese New Year Lesson Plan.

Swish arms back and forth to sweep the bad luck away.

It’s Chinese New Year – up in the sky we can see lots of stars, but not the moon!

Line up together to build a connected table, where friends and family can talk and play games.

Dumplings are little cooked pillows with yummy stuff inside!

Fill up your dumpling!

Red fireworks light up the night sky.

Tuck money into a lucky red envelope.

Wrap presents into a box, then reach out to give the gifts to family and friends.

March along in the parade!

The parade’s dragon stretches out over 200 feet long!

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