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Chinese Zodiac Animals

According to legend, the animals of the Chinese Zodiac each have unique traits – just like kids!

Help children to figure out which animal they are on the Chinese Zodiac, then get into the animals’ pose.
Do the children think they are like their animal?

Rat’s are the tiniest animal on the zodiac.

They like adventure and trying new challenges!

The ox looks up at the sky – it is patient and works hard.

Tigers are strong and brave!

Curl your body to look down at the ground.

The rabbit has long ears and is kind and loving.

Dragons have a long tail!

They are strong and have a lot of energy.

Snakes have long body – they are wise and calm.

The horse is well liked and makes a good friend.

Trot in place!

The sheep/goat has long horns and is full of creativity!

Monkeys are smart and like to try new things.

Swing your monkey arms back and forth!

Roosters love to learn and are hard workers.

Tuck your rooster wings behind you!

Dogs are independent and like to solve puzzles.

Send your dog tail up to the sky – remember to do both sides!

Pigs are brave and make good friends – stand strong on your four pig feet!

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