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Dinosaur Days

Liza Baker

Join Harold as he creates a nighttime quest to find a long-necked dinosaur.

Dinosaur Days is a calming book set to yoga, helping children to stretch their bodies, use their imaginations, and relax.

Find Harold’s favorite book, and open the pages.

Create the jungle of tall trees, then switch sides to create the giant ferns.

Cross the waterfall by creating the rainbow bridge.

Sit down next to a big rock.

That’s not a rock!

Stretch out the triceratops horns.

Fly off with a giant pterodactyl – remember to do both sides!

Create the nest that Harold and the baby pterodactyl are in.

Walk down the mountain, faster and faster, as Harold and the baby pterodactyl start to slip.

Quickly grab onto the vine and swing it around!

Erupt lave everywhere!

A titanosaurus! Remember to do both sides.

Give the baby pterodactyl a hug – remember to give two hugs, once with each arm on top.

Think about all of the dinosaurs from your adventure.

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