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Dinosaur Tag

Take tag to an exciting new level, with dinosaur-themed yoga poses! This game is best played in an open space, where kids are able to move their bodies freely. Bring this game into any open space, like a gym or yoga studio when kids can’t go outside, or play it in a grassy outdoor area.

There are two ways to play this game:

  • Standard Game of Tag: Children freeze as a prehistoric character when tagged.
  • Cooperative Game of Tag: Frozen children can be released when a free child runs over and says “prehistoric”.

Remind children that they can change poses while frozen!

Here are six dinosaur yoga poses to use during this activity.

Triceratops – extend your horn with your hand and your tail with your foot.

It’s ok if you can only do your horn or your tail!

Brachiosaurus – stretch your long neck and munch some leaves.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – extend your long tail, and stand on strong legs.

Dinosaur egg – curl up inside of your dinosaur egg.

Stegosaurus – grow some spikes on your back!

Pterodactyl – spread your wings and take flight!

It’s ok to rest your toe on the floor behind you to help with balance.

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