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Dream Catchers

Let the good dreams through when children build their own dream catchers!

This project takes a bit of time. Our directions break down the steps so you can easily incorporate each stage into three different sessions, leaving your students with a take home they can proudly display!

We also offer ways you can tie this project to social and emotional learning, mindfulness, and yoga.

What you need:

  • Wooden embroidery hoop
  • Washi tape
  • Yarn
  • Feathers
  • Beads

How to make the dream catchers:

  • Step/day 1: Have children wrap the embroidery hoop with the Washi tape. Some kids will use the same color all the way around, while others will want to make a colorful design!
  • Step/day 2: Wrap the yarn around the hoop, to create the colorful webbing. Begin by having children tie one end of the yarn to the hoop, wrap it around several times, then tie it off around the hoop. A limit of 1-2 colors of yarn works best! Cut off long ends.
  • Step/day 3: Cut lengths of yarn to 6-8 inches, string a couple of beads onto each length to weigh down the feather, then tie a feather to the end. Tie the completed lengths of bead and feather yarn to the dream catcher. Tie a longer length of yarn to the top of the hoop, so children can hang their dream catcher when they get home. Cut off long ends.

Connections to share:

  • A short, calming yoga routine before getting into bed will help children to have a better night of sleep. Introduce them to the simple yoga stretches in Nighttime Stretches or Relaxing Flow.
  • Bring self-awareness and mindfulness to this project, by discussing our breathing and concentration we need to engage.
  • Promote social awareness, by encouraging children to help each other when they notice someone struggling with a part of the task, or sharing needing supplies.

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