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Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny came for a visit, and left behind a bunch of eggs!

See how many eggs you can find, as you look around with yoga poses.

Look who was here! It was the Easter Bunny, and he left behind a bunch of eggs.

Let’s go find them!

There are so many pretty flowers in the garden.

As you lift your legs, take a peek under the flower – you found your first egg!

Where else could the Easter Bunny have hidden eggs?

Gently twist to one side, and then the other as we look around some bushes.

You found another egg!

Over there, by that tree – let’s take a look!

Remember to do both sides.

Look down by the tree’s roots – more eggs!

Reach your hand down to your opposite foot to get an egg, then stand up straight as you put the egg in your basket.

Do this a few times, alternating sides.

That bunny can be pretty sneaky.

How many eggs did you find hidden in the grass?

Look how full your Easter basket is!

Curl up tight into a tiny egg, and picture what you’ll find inside.

Roll backwards, and as you roll back up…

…open your egg!

Take a deep breath in, and let it out.

What did you find inside your egg?

Happy Easter!

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