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Extended Sun Salutation

When children have mastered our Basic Sun Salutation sequence, have them give this sequence a try!

You can repeat this sequence several times to energize your body and mind.

Begin in Mountain Pose.

Sweep arms up to the sky in Upward Salute.

Fold forward into into Ragdoll Pose.

Lift your upper body into Half Forward Bend.

Place your hands on the mat in front of you, and walk your feet back into Plank Pose.

Lower your entire body to lay on your mat, then press up into Upward Facing Dog.

Curl your toes under, and press up into Downward Facing Dog.

Lift one leg into Three-Legged Dog, then return it to your mat.

Repeat on your opposite side.

Step your feet forward, and let your body relax in Ragdoll Pose.

Sweep your arms up into Upward Salute.

Lower your arms into Mountain Pose.

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