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Fall Fun

Enjoy the the changing of the seasons, and the fabulous activities that are unique to autumn, with yoga poses!

In this yoga adventure, children will experience all of their favorite fall activities, right on their own yoga mat.

The seasons are changing, and fall is here! There are so many unique things we can do this time of year.

Stand nice and tall, and breathe in the crisp, cool fall air.

Sweep your hands over your head, stretch your body tall,  and look up into the trees above you.

There are so many colorful leaves!

Which color is your favorite?

Take another deep breath, and let’s head off on a walk.

March in place, as we head of on fall hike!

This time of year, birds of all kinds fly south, so they can stay warm in the winter. They make a V shape, as they fly together.

Stretch out to one side, and then the other, as you look overhead to watch the birds fly by.

This time of year is perfect for apple picking!

Grow your tree branches up high, and wiggle the apples that hang from the tips of your fingers.

Remember to do both sides.

Leaves have fallen all around!

Have fun walking through the leaves, shuffling them around your feet as you go.

Let’s take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch!

If there’s space, drive around a bit! If not, it’s ok to keep your hayride on your yoga mat.

Look around for the perfect pumpkin. What shape is your favorite?

Let’s see if we can find the biggest, roundest, pumpkin here – because we’re going to roll it home!

When you’re ready, roll back, and see if you can roll yourself back up again. It’s ok if you need to use your hands to get back up. Then do it again!

We’re not the only ones moving things around.

This time of year, birds and animals are hiding food, so they have something to eat during the winter months.

A friendly squirrel is carrying acorns – send your squirrel tail up to the sky! Remember to do both sides.

Now that we’re back home, we should do a little bit of fall gardening.

It might sound silly to plant a garden in the fall, but we’re planting flower bulbs. Flower bulbs are like a special kind of seed that you plant in the fall, and flowers will grow in the spring, and come back every year!

As the sun is setting on our fall day, the crisp air is getting a bit chilly.

It’s the perfect time to start a bonfire! Let your arms and legs slowly sway, as the flames in our fire.

When you’re ready, sit up, and tip to the side to pour yourself a mug of warm apple cider.

Remember to tip to both sides.

Pull your legs in, and take a nice sip of your apple cider.

Mmmmmm…. that should help to warm you up!

What is your favorite fall activity?

Would you like to share it with the group?

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