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Fall Salutation

Introduce any class to the wonders of the season with an Autumn themed Sun Salutation!

This is a perfect opening to a fall themed yoga class, or to start any classroom off on their school day during this colorful time of year.

Feel a cool fall breeze blowing over you.

Sweep your arms up overhead, and look the birds flying south for the winter.

Fold forward, and put some cozy socks on your feet.

It’s getting chilly!

Place your hands on your mat, then step your feet back.

Slowly lower your body to the ground to rest on fallen leaves.

Press up with your hands, then make the crackling sounds of our bonfire, as you feel its warmth on your face.

Curl your toes under and press up to build a giant pile of leaves!

Step your feet forward and wiggle your toes – a squirrel carrying an acorn just ran across your feet!

Sweep your hands up to the sky, and reach for a bright red apple hanging from a nearby branch.

Lower your arms to your side, and stand tall, a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch.

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