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Flora’s Very Windy Day

Jeanne Birdsall

Flora, and her little brother Crispin, get swept away in this autumn story.

Fly high into the sky with yoga poses, on their windy adventure!

Autumn is rich with activities and ways to explore this season of changes – find more fall yoga activities in our Colors of Autumn Lesson Plan.

Warm up and blow a strong wind that could blow Flora away.

Stand strong against the wind.

The wind pulls and twirls and twists all around!

Look down at Crispin’s purple boots…

…then lift off the ground!

Kick off the red boots.

Sail up towards Crispin.

Ride on the squishy flying chair.

Lay down on your mat, then spread out your delicate dragonfly wings.

Sit as low as you can, without breaking the sparrow’s eggs.

Look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Curl into a cloud, then roll back as you squeeze out raindrops that fall to the ground.

Spread the eagle’s wings out wide and slowly lift its talons off the ground – remember to do both sides!

Reach up and over, to come upon the moon.

Send Flora and Crispin home with the wind.

Bring hands together and take a deep breath, as Flora and Crispin head in for some cookies.

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