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Fourth of July BBQ

It the Fourth of July, let’s celebrate with a special BBQ.

Play some lawn games, bring out the grill, and wave the flag – all with yoga poses!

It’s the Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate with a special BBQ.

Reach up high, and feel the warm sun on your face.

Let’s play a game of frisbee.

Step your feet apart, and throw!

Swing your arms from one side to the other, as your frisbee goes flying to your friend.

Time for lunch – let’s fire up the grill!

Place your hands behind you, and lift your hips, to build your grill.

First, we’re going to cook some burgers.

Lower your body, and bring your feet together.

Lean forward, to set your burger on the grill.

Who wants hot dogs?

Place your hands on your mat, and walk your feet back behind you.

You’re a long hot dog, getting cooked on your grill!

The food is ready!

Lower your knees, to make our picnic table.

Reach one hand forward, and get some ketchup. If your table is feeling balanced, reach your opposite foot back, and grab some mustard with your toes! Return your hand and foot to your mat.

Now reach your other hand forward, to get a napkin – this is kind of a messy meal! If your table is feeling balanced, reach your opposite foot back, to throw it away.

Nothing says Fourth of July like a nice, juicy slice of watermelon!

How big can you make your watermelon?

Tip side-to-side, and cut yourself a huge slice of watermelon…

…then bring your feet to touch to form your watermelon, and lift up your slice.

Now take a big bite!

Our American flags are flying high, and waving in the wind!

Slowly wave your hand back and forth, and look up to the sky, as you watch your flag move in the wind.

Remember to do both sides!

Tip: To challenge children, try Side Plank instead.

Pass out sparklers to your friends, and wiggle your toes, as the golden sparks light up our BBQ!

Happy Fourth of July!

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