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Frog on a Log

Kes Gray

Ever wondered what animals are supposed to sit on?

Frog does, so he embarks on a hilarious, rhyming, adventure. Kids will have fun guessing what each animal sits on, including learning that cats sit on mats, puffins sit on muffins, and lizards sit on wizards!

Filled with animal-themed yoga poses, join frog as he learns what each animal sits on – right up until the laugh-out-loud ending where we learn what dogs sit on!

Hey, frog! Sit on a log!

Only cat’s sit on mats.

Hares sit on chairs.

Mules sit on stools.

Gophers sit on sofas.

Lions sit on irons.

Parrots sit on carrots – remember to do both sides!

Foxes sit on boxes – remember to do both sides!

Gorillas sit on pillars.

Seals sit on wheels.

Puffins sit on muffins.

Dog’s sit on… HELP!

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