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Fun With Animals

This entire sequence flows together a variety of animal poses!

To encourage breathing in the pose and class participation, have the children make their best animal sounds while in each pose!

Begin in Table Pose.

Say “BAAAA!” – you’re a sheep!

Curl your toes under, and lift your body into Downward Facing Dog.

Let’s hear your best dog sound!

Bring one foot forward, and set it between your hands. Lower your back knee to your mat and grow into Dragon Pose.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out some fire!

Repeat on your opposite side.

Lower your hands to your mat, step your front foot back, and lower your body so your belly is resting on your mat.

Press your hands into your mat to lift your upper body, and bring your feet to try to touch the back of your head.

Hiss like a King Cobra!

Come to your hands and knees, round your back, and look at your body in Cat Pose.


Arch your back, and look up at the ceiling in Cow Pose.


Sit back on your heels, and gently rest the top of your head on your mat in front of you.

Lace your fingers together behind your back, and lift your long ears up into Rabbit Pose.

Make some little bunny sniffs!

Release your arms and and lift off of your heels. Walk your hands forward and give a nice Puppy Dog stretch.

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