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Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas

Natasha Yim

Use this book as a fun introduction to Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Golden Dragon brings good luck – remember to stretch the dragon’s tail on both sides!

Twinkle fingers down, as you wash away old arguments.

Straighten legs to open the door to Chan’s apartment – try to balance so the plate of turnip cakes doesn’t spill!

Three bowls of congee are on the kitchen table – fill the bowls up nice and full!

It’s fun to try out each of the three chairs!

Settle into Little Chan’s futon and fall fast asleep.

The Chan’s return home – build the roof of their house!

Goldy Luck wakes up, and dashes home.

Knees open as the pages of Goldy’s book – then listen as Goldy thinks of her actions and how to fix them.

Tip side-to-side to chop, stir, and steam the turnip cakes.

Look around, and find good luck in friends!

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