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Good Night, Gorilla

Peggy Rathmann

Good Night, Gorilla is an excellent opportunity to tell a different story each time you read the book. Have children participate in telling the story, make one up as you go along, or simply have children look at the pages and think about what they are seeing.

To complement the ever-evolving and imaginative nature of this book, there are no storylines in the description column of Good Night, Gorilla. The description simply lists the animal that accompanies each pose – use them where appropriate throughout the book.

Gorilla has long, swinging arms.

This movement can be done in fast and big movements to release energy, or slowly to give bodies a nice calming stretch.

The zookeeper slowly walks in place.

Elephant – hands hang low and together to form the elephant’s trunk.

Lion – twinkle fingers down to form the lion’s mane.

Hyena – remember to raise hyena’s tail up on both sides.

Giraffe – remember to do both sides.

Playful armadillo.

Ready for sleep.

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