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Guess How Much I Love You

Sam McBratney

Hold on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare’s very long ears!

Stretch arms out as wide as they can go…

…then tip side-to-side for even longer arms!

Stand tall and strong, then give fingers a wiggle for Little Nutbrown Hare…

…then sweep arms up overhead, as high as Big Nutbrown Hare can reach!

Reach up the tree trunk and wiggle toes…

…then bring legs even higher as Big Nutbrown Hare swings Little Nutbrown Hare over his head!

Hop up and down, then hop a little higher!

Reach as far as the river, then switch sides, reach across the river and over the hills.

Stretch to one side to feel the love right up to the moon, then switch sides… and back.

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