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Halloween Salutation

Get a little spooky with a Halloween themed Sun Salutation!

Pair with yoga to The Spooky Box for a spooktacular good time!

Stand straight and tall – a scarecrow in the field.

Sweep hands up overhead, and watch as a witch on a broomstick passes you by.

Fold forward, wiggle toes, and try to touch those squirmy worms!

Place hands on the floor, then step your feet back.

Slowly lower your body to the ground to rest on fallen leaves.

Press up with your hands, then let out a werewolf howl as you look at the moon in the sky.

Curl toes under and press up to build the roof of your haunted house – let’s hear your best ghost noises!

Step feet forward and wiggle toes – a big black spider just ran across your feet!

Sweep hands up to the sky and say “good evening” to the bats!

Lower arms to your sides, and show your biggest jack-o-lantern smile!

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