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Handshake Challenge

Refresh and energize your students with this 2-minute brain break! In less than two minutes, children can get their sillies out, challenge their coordination, be a part of a team, and refocus their attention.

In a classroom, use this when the kids need a little pick-me-up or a guided break to set them back on track. Perfect for use during breaks between tests on standardized test days!

In a yoga studio, use this as a fun way to help children get to know each other, or bring the children back to the group.

This activity doesn’t require kids to move from their designated spot! They can easily do it from their class seat or yoga mat, with a child sitting next to them.

Pair children up with someone sitting next to them, and have them do the following hand sequence with each other:

  1. Shake hands with right hands
  2. Shake hands with left hands
  3. Give each other a high ten
  4. Give each other a high ten with hands crossed in an X
  5. Fist bump with both hands
  6. Hammer tap fists (hands stacked top/bottom)
  7. Hammer top with the other person’s fists on top
  8. High ten two times

Do it again, but a little bit faster!

If you have enough time, try it again with the person on your other side.

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