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Happiness Is…

Marcus Pfister

Two best friends share with each other what makes them happy.

Children join these friends, using calming yoga poses, as they explore the little things that can make everyone happy.

Tip to the side, and fly Leo’s kite high into the sky!

Feel yourself share in Zoe’s delight.

Remember to do both sides.

Look up, and catch a snowflake on your tongue.

Roll into the most beautiful pebble in the world.

Think of what that pebble would look like to you.
What color would it be?
Would you be smooth or bumpy?
Where do you think you would find it?
Would you bring it home with you, or leave it for someone else to find and enjoy?

Feel your body, light and happy, rocking side to side as the downy feather slowly floats down.

Look into your pockets – what might you find that would make you happy?

Remember to look in pockets on both sides.

Take a deep breath, then blow the seeds of the dandelion.

Splash in a great big puddle!

Feel a warm sunbeam kiss your nose.

Shuffle though the carpet of autumn leaves.

Bloom into a giant poppy flower!

Think of what happiness means to you.

Would you like to share your thoughts with everyone?

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