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Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

Lisa McCourt

Use Halloween-themed yoga poses to help kids and Stinky Face prepare to go trick or treating!

Reach down to the floor, and help Mrs. Petry pick up all the candy!

Turn into a real butterfly!

Fly high into the sky to watch the costume parade, then flutter down to trick-or-treat.

Grab your magic wand and hold it between your hands – tip to one side, and then the other, to get the pirates unstuck.

Can your feet run fast enough to catch a lion?

Ally has a huge cauldron of candy soup!

Take a deep breath in, then relax your cauldron down to the ground as you blow on the candy soup to help it cool off.

Be careful not to get your cat tail stuck in the door!

Remember to do both sides.

Hold strong as a superhero – now say your super power out loud!

Think happy thoughts about your super power as you switch sides. Now say it again!

Happy Halloween!

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