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Harold and the Purple Crayon

Crockett Johnson

Create the moonlight for Harold to walk by.

Set off for Harold’s walk at a nice, comfortable pace by slowly walking in place.

Grow tasty apples on the tree branches – remember to do both sides!

Be the dragon that guards the apples.

Climb aboard a little boat.

Set sail!

Lay out a pie on the blanket.

The hungry moose has very tall antlers – remember to do both sides.

The porcupine has such a spiny back.

Find the hill.

The turn the hill into a mountain.

Slip down the side of the mountain, into thin air.

Make the balloon, and take a deep breath as it sails through the sky.

Build the house with windows.

Stretch out, as the city grows across the land, and picture being in bed.

Roll over, and draw up the covers.

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