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Harold’s Circus

Crockett Johnson

Help the moon shine bright in the sky – remember to do both sides!

Stand straight up and down and try to tiptoe on the tightrope – it’s ok to lift arms up for balance.

Go high up over the circus.

Lower hands as Harold falls, then bring hands together to create the elephant’s trunk.

Swing down from the elephant’s trunk, and place your hands on your mat.

Trot in place!

Gently fall to the floor, and roll.

Act silly like a clown, by tipping back-and-forth!

This clown is extremely funny – move in such a silly way and laugh!

Stretch to make everything really amazingly big!

Reach up to be really astoundingly tall.

Then become very small.

Make the table for the great tank of lemonade to sit on.

Reach for the lemonade, then switch sides to leave some money on the counter.

Crawl into the cannon.

Roll back, as you shoot out of the cannon!

Sail to the top of the circus – remember to do both sides.

Bring feet together, and lower hands to dive straight down.

A lion is loose in the circus!

Bring feet together to create the lion’s mouth, then lean in!

Twinkle fingers to make the audience appear.

Smile and lean forward, with hands at heart center.

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