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Hats Off for the Fourth of July

Harriet Ziefert

A full parade marches by…

Join in the fun, as children become the parade with yoga poses!

Look around – what do you think will be in this parade?

Spin and strut and lift your feet!

The cowboys on horses are here!

Shout “YEE HAW!”, as your horse kicks its legs.

Stretch out your big whale tail.

What part of the whale would you like to ride on?

The favorite of Chatham Town is a mermaid!

Lift up your mermaid tail, and see if you can make it touch the back of your head.

March in place with the band, and see if you can touch your elbows to your opposite knees.

Climb onto your motorcycle and say “VROOM!”

If you have enough room, try “driving” around while holding this pose!

Put on your patriot hat.

Then turn into a baseball bat!

Wave your American flag up high!

Remember to do both sides.

Look up in the sky, and twinkle down fireworks.

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