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Hoop Hopping

Children combine large muscle movements with yoga poses, in this energetic hula hoop game!

Any large open space works well for this activity – feel free to take it outside to a grassy lawn, or keep it indoors in a studio or other large room.

This game can be made more challenging as children continue to develop their gross motor skills. Kids will enjoy the variety of  ability and age-appropriate ways to jump across hula hoops!

What you need:

  • Hula hoops (5 works well, but you can add more if the kids you work with are ready!)

How to play with children of different ages and abilities:

  • For children who are in the early stages of developing their gross motor skills, place the hula hoops in a straight line, with the hula hoops touching each other. Children begin just outside of the first hula hoop, then jump into it, then into each hula hoop as they make their way to the end. If the kids are ready, have them try to jump with both feet together!
  • Start adding in little tricks to each hoop – jump two times, stand on each foot, spin in a circle.
  • The next step is to have children jump across the hoops sideways. Be sure to have them hop in both directions, to equally strengthen each side.
  • You can start to add space between the hula hoops whenever the children you are working with are ready!
  • When you’re ready to start introducing yoga poses, here are a few sequences to try in the hula hoops:

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