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How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?

Jane Yolen

Create the tall branches of the menorah!

Fidget and fuss with big dinosaur feet.

Take a deep breath and blow – oh no!

The dinosaur blew out the candles!

How many presents are under dad’s bed?

Grab that bag of gelt – then relax to your mat as the chocolate melts.

Spread wings wide, then tip forward to snatch the dreidels – remember to do both sides!

Shimmer fingers in the air, as the candles glow brightly.

Spin the dreidel with family and friends.

Reach out for some latkes, then switch sides and reach out for the dishes.

Give your family big Chanukah wishes.

Fingers twinkle like the stars in the sky and the candles in our homes – Happy Chanukah!

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