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How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?

Varsha Bajaj

Give one loud kiss and cuddle Little Bear tight.

Little Duck wants two kisses!

Quietly meow into Little Cat, then yawn and stretch up to curl up on her mat.

Little Butterfly folds up his tired, tiny wings.

Settle down into a warm bed of hay.

Little Pooch gets his kisses, then he closes his eyes and settles into the dark.

Snuggle into your nest, as Little Bird gives a peep.

Little Spider gives a little giggle, as he gently lays back in his web.

Hiss with a smile, as Little Snake slithers into his grassy pile.

Playfully bring up Little Bunny’s floppy ears, for ten good night kisses.

Lay very still for a kiss on your nose and a kiss on each curl!

Finish the book, hug yourself tight, then snuggle in and say “good night”.

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