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How to Catch the Tooth Fairy

Adam Wallace

The tooth fairy can be pretty sneaky – set traps for her with yoga poses, to see if you can catch her!

This book is fun to use with kids who are at the age of losing teeth. You can also keep this lesson on hand for a fun treat when a child comes to class and announces they lost a tooth!

Tick-tock the arms of the alarm clock side-to-side.

The bell goes off – it’s 3:09!

Reach arms up high, to wake your body up.

We have so many teeth to collect – tuck in close, and carefully stay out of sight!

Put your fairy wings on – these help you to fly really fast.

Time to go collect all those teeth!

Grab that tooth, then roll back to get away from all that drool.

See if you can roll back up without using your hands.

Make a box to try to capture the tooth fairy!

Do you think your box could catch her?

Spin that cotton candy round and round.

Did you catch the tooth fairy in this sticky stuff?

Hands to opposite feet, as you build a trap made out of floss.

Make sure you get to every corner!

Something scary?!?!

Stick your tongue out and show your teeth, as you make a big and scary sound.

Twinkle fingers down, as you sprinkle your golden fairy dust all around.

What an ooey-gooey mess!

Twist to one side to check your bum, then the other.

Did you get it all off?

Put on your night vision goggles, and check for traps.

They’re everywhere!

Uh-oh! We’re in a cage!

Can we get out?

It’s good to have friends of all sizes, they can really help us out.

We’re back home, safe and sound. Give yourself a big fairy hug, then do it again, with your opposite arm on top.

How would you catch the tooth fairy?

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