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Hungry Baby Birds

Hungry Baby Birds is a yoga game based on active play and creative movement. It enhances fine motor skills, mindfulness, and concentration. Enjoy this themed twist on our popular Toega activity!

Before class:

  • Turn yarn into “worms” by cutting yarn into 6-inch lengths and braiding them. You will want approximately 10 worms per child. They have so much fun with this activity they won’t want it to end!


  • Give each child a “nest”. It can be either their yoga mat, a carpet square, or anyplace they can return to.
  • Scatter the worms around the room.

Game play:

  • Here’s how to add yoga poses to our traditional Toega activity!

You’re a tiny baby bird, waiting patiently to hatch from your shell.

Extend your hands, as you start to break out of your shell.

Slowly rise up and start to cheep – look at all these hungry baby birds!

Grow up to the sky, and tree to hold your nest steady in your tree – remember to do both sides.

It’s time to get those hungry baby birds some worms!

Extend your bird wings, and gently flap them as you slowly fly around the room.

When you find a worm, pick it up with your toes, and bring it back to your “nest”.

When all the worms have been found and the baby birds are full, return to your nest.

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